Is It Safe To See The Doctor Anymore?

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Medicine and COVID-19

COVID 19 has turned our world upside down. It seems that the recommendations are changing almost daily and life remains far from normal. As we try to protect ourselves and limit exposure to the novel coronavirus, which places is it safe to venture? Is the answer nowhere? Somewhere? Where?

The most prominent change to outpatient medicine in response to COVID-19 has been the adoption of telemedicine technologies. Telemedicine can be a great screening tool and often, can allow your physician to get treatment started for future visits once things normalize.

Rosacea, melasma, and skin pigmentation are all great examples, for which a telehealth visit can help outline behavior adaptations and new skincare options to prepare patients for other in office measures, if needed.

Social Distancing and PPE In Full Effect

But, many of our patients need interventions that cannot be supplied without in office visits. What then? The key is to use the same measures promoted by the CDC and other infectious agent protections.

  • Screening patients for symptoms and contact before appointments
  • Spacing patient visits so groups do not wait in the waiting room together
  • Wearing respirator masks and gloves
  • Wiping down every surface in between every patient with viricidal cleaners
  • Implementing barriers to stop the spread of viral particles
  • Optimize health and social considerations before procedures

Above, are some of the measures physicians have beefed up in order to secure the office for the sake of their patients. We have certainly exercised these measures to keep our patients safe in our office.

How Patients Can Keep Other Patients Safe

What is the patient’s role in all of this? Limiting non-essential trips and keeping up physical barriers continue to be central to the fight against corona virus. Communicate you’re your doctor if you think you have come into contact with someone suffering from COVID-19 or are feeling symptoms yourself. Additionally if possible, bring your own PPE, such as a mask whenever you leave your home. The more people that wear masks, the harder it will be to spread viral particles. In the end, everyone plays a role in keeping each other safe.

Call us for your telehealth screening or in office appointment to set up your new care regimen or any urgent health concern. We are here for you!


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