Achieving a Facelift Like Result

Facelift-like effects by muscle toning, collagen building, and tissue tightening… Beauty is more than skin deep.

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What is triLift?

A new platform that uses three different technologies to retrain your facial muscles without surgery or injections. TriLift uses dynamic muscle stimulation to retrain and contour your muscles to tone and lift them back to their natural youthful position. Train the muscles of your face the way you train any other muscle!

While dynamic muscle stimulation trains your facial muscles, topical radiofrequency causes targeted collagen production to help tighten your skin. This allows us to treat from the skin down through the deeper layers of the face. As your muscles lift up, they take the underlying fat as well, re-contouring the face back to its natural youthful shape.

This aesthetic platform also features an elegant RF microneedling treatment that aids in skin improvement and tightening using targeted pulses of energy utilizing the finest needles available. With different tips to choose from we can target irregular skin texture, acne changes, rosacea, sun spots, among other skin irregularities. 

TriLift is safe on any skin type. It is an innovative quick treatment, taking about 30 minutes to complete. Each treatment is individualized not only per patient but also to where each person is on their treatment timeline. It’s painless facial enhancement, with no numbing needed, and has no downtime or recovery period. Just as training muscles at the gym, triLift can and should be repeated in order to maximize results.


What to Expect After Treatment

At the end of your treatment you will often see an immediate result, which improves with time as you build up and remodel collagen. A quick series of treatments can launch you in a more youthful trajectory or keep you there to prevent sagging.

This treatment can be performed with the expectation of no downtime. It is one of the few aesthetic treatments that can be safely performed immediately prior to a big event.


Am I a candidate for triLift?

If you’re not ready to start treatment with injectables like fillers and BOTOX® or you’re interested in preserving your natural facial structure and improving symmetry without the need for surgery or painful treatments, triLift can be the treatment for you.

If you want to return to your youthful facial shape while just using your natural tissue or have already undergone surgery but are trying to extend your results, let triLift do the “heavy lifting”!

 We can’t wait for you to book your consultation to get started on this journey with you. 

Want to learn more about facial contouring other than with triLift?

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"Dr. Chelnis is AWEmazing!  He is an extremely knowledgeable and highly-skilled professional.  He is very personable, courteous and takes his time to address all concerns and answer every single question.  He has First-Class bedside manners and the results of his work are OUTSTANDING!  His entire staff is just as amazing, friendly and accommodating and they go the “extra mile” to ensure your experience is the best one ever — mine was… it was an absolute pleasure!  I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Chelnis!”

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Facelift-like effects by muscle toning, collagen building and radiofrequency... Beauty is more than skin deep.

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Combine the powers of light and micro needling to create smooth and radiant skin.

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Build a supportive layer of collagen and elastin to tighten the neck using multiple modalities. 

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Opus resurfacing

Safe for all skin types, whether on the face, neck, scars, Or stretch marks.

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