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Perfect Time to Ask For Tips

Now is the perfect time to reach out to your physician and use a telehealth or in person visit to go over your aesthetic routine and tune up your shining skin! With many offices shuttered and limited access to fillers, toxins, peels and lasers, many patients are left to home routines for aesthetic upkeep. Just like everyone waiting to get their haircut, there is a building demand for aesthetic services once the streets are safe again. Physicians are sitting in relatively empty practices itching to reach out to their patients. Recruit their help in a one-on-one session now while their time isn’t as scarce. Do you want to know the perfect toning agent for your skin type? How to reduce pore size? How to control runaway acne or reduce the visibility of a scar?

Staying Out of the Sun

When have you had such a good excuse to keep out of the harmful sun and regenerate your skin in the spring and summer? Have you ever had sunny weather short circuit your skin routine? Use this time to be aggressive about pigmented and uneven areas that can be improved with at home topical agents and peels. If you’re unsure of the ideal approach, ask your physician to dole out some expertise! Once everyone’s quarantine is over, you’ll be strutting with an amazing glow.

Reduced sun exposure means longer access this year to IPL, laser and chemical resurfacing, and pharmaceutical-grade retinoids to roll back the wrinkles and age spots!

Keeping Your Gains

In the meantime, It becomes increasingly important to lean on skin care lotions and potions that you have at home to keep your skin shining. If you have a routine, but you haven’t been as dedicated as you should, now is the time to adopt good habits and improve old ones! Keep a board or calendar and mark off each day you keep your desired routine. Shout it to the world on social media to have your friends keep you accountable! When we make our resolutions public, we are more likely to keep them.

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