Look Into My Eyes

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It Starts With The Eyes

Think of how many times you’ve been reminded to look into someone’s eyes when you met them. “The eyes are the window to the soul.” So much of our culture revolves around our eyes. They are truly the anchor point for our aesthetic.

So, doesn’t that mean we should be looking for experts with the best understanding of this area when we want to enhance our look?

When patients walk into our office, we welcome them to Manhattan Oculoplastics. But what does that mean? What is an “Oculoplastics” or “Oculo-facial” plastic specialist? This is a selective niche field of which there are less than two dozen fellowship training positions in the country every year. Specialists that complete this training are plastic surgeons that get extra training in the face and in particular, the area around the eyes. Having a specialist in your corner who is board-certified with special expertise in this area can be critical in getting the best treatment.

The real world examples are relatable to almost any medical or aesthetic concern we treat:
BTA such as BOTOX®, Jeaveau®, Dysport ®, or Xeomin®

The most common areas to receive BTA injections is around the eyes! The glabella (11’s), forehead, crow’s feet – they all encircle the eyes. This is because so much expression can be seen around the eyes. A smile without using the muscles around the eyes looks artificial. A heavy glabella can make someone look tired, no matter how much sleep they get. Doesn’t it make sense to have an oculofacial expert treat this area? The best outcomes come from expertise.

Fillers such as Juvederm® and Restylane®

Injectables such as fillers are THE most common aesthetic procedure performed today.  A specialist’s understanding of the anatomy around the eyes is the best way to keep local injections safe and maximize the results patients get with a single vial.

Fillers are, of course, not interchangeable. Some fillers used in the area under the eye can lead to fluid build up called malar bags, which can accelerate the appearance of aging. Did you know you could get filler to give yourself a brow lift or smooth out your forehead? Our comprehensive approach in this area allows the creation of one complete youthful picture.

Lasers and IPL

Energy-based technologies can almost act like a magic eraser for skin discolorations, acne scars, and wrinkles. Lasers offer a spectrum from almost no downtime to full thickness deep treatments. The key is understanding the anatomy of skin which varies tremendously from one spot to another. This amazing organ has adapted to function well from the thick durable soles of our feet to our eyelids flittering open and closed all day. Oculo-facial experts have tremendous experience in treating the thinnest, most gently skin on your body, your eyelids! What better test is there for surface treatments than this fragile part of our bodies?

Our practice, Manhattan Oculoplastics offers this and many more treatments as part of our comprehensive approach to patient care. Which do you want to learn about? Contact us today!


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