Moist Heat Mask 

Optase| Available in our Manhattan Location

Designed to give you effective relief from dry eye, Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), chalazion and styes.
- The OPTASE® moist heat mask absorbs moisture from the air.
- Once heat activated it releases moist heat from the mask onto the eye lids. This then loosens the oils in the Meibomian Glands allowing the oil to flow more freely.
- The oil helps prevent evaporation of your natural tears and provides symptom relief from dry eyes.
- It also softens lid and lash debris before cleaning with the OPTASE® TTO Lid Wipe.
- Soft and comfortable reinforced cotton
- Adjustable strap
- Protective pouch
- Reusable and washable
- 25 seconds in the microwave delivers 10 minutes of moist heat
- The first Step in the OPTASE® HEAT, CLEANSE, HYDRATE regimen